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How do you think the padre would have felt as he sailed in the boat to Egypt?


Can you remember what the padre took with him to the war instead of a gun? Can you remember what was in the suitcase?


What happened to the suitcase? 


Although the padre wasn’t firing a gun in the battle, what was he trying to do in the battle?

How did the padre find his way back to his troops?

Can you remember some of the things that were special about the cross that the engineer made for the padre?

(Three steps stand for the Trinity and the three crosses that were on Calvary; five screws stand for the five wounds of Jesus; the wood came from a gun carriage; the brass came from a German shell casing.)


What did the padre tell the engineer that was special about what he had done? 


Can you remember what the engineer’s name was? Why was this special?


Why do you think the padre told the story of the cross every year on Remembrance Sunday after he came home from the war?

At the end of the film, the story teller told us that Jesus asked us to love one another as much as he loved us. The padre in the story showed great love by trying to help and comfort the soldiers when they were injured and afraid. Take a few moments to think about how you could show love to others in simple ways in your day-to-day life.




Dear God,

At this time of remembrance

Help us to learn from the great sacrifices that

Those who have gone before us have made

So that we can live in peace.

Give us the courage to live up to your greatest commandment,

That we should love our neighbours as much as

We love ourselves.


Thanks to Jeff Williams (Diocesan Director of Education)  

At this time of the year, we remember all of the people who have fought in wars on our behalf. We do this to honour their memory and to hear their stories so that we can learn from them and think about how God wants us to behave towards each other.


There are so many stories of great courage and hardship from the last century. The film tells a story about what happened to story teller's father during World War 2.

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