100 CLUB

August 2020

First prize - number 41 - £77.50

Second prize - number 55 - £46.50

Third prize - number 42 - £15.50

Application for All Hallows 100 Club membership

Version 1d 03/2020

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I wish to apply for membership of the All Hallows 100 Club.

Each number costs £5 per month or £60 per year.


Our bank details are:

All Hallows Heritage Fund:

Sort Code 40-22-26
Account no. 34073169         to make regular payments as shown above.

Please tick the box to confirm the following statements.

By submitting this form, I am giving permission to use the information entered on it.
This information will be used solely for the purposes of the All Hallows 100 Club.

If you prefer to download an application form to complete by hand, please click the PDF button.

If you need any help or have a question please email  jamariner47@gmail.com


An ‘All Hallows 100 Club’ has been set up for the renewal and regeneration of the All
Hallows church building. Thank you for your interest in being involved with this – we trust
that it will be mutually beneficial in providing an opportunity for a win for you whilst at
the same time contributing to the cost of looking after the building.

Membership has been set at £5 per number per month (£60 per number for the whole
year). Please apply for your membership by completing the attached form and returning
it to me (post or email) as soon as possible.

We would greatly prefer to receive your payment by standing order but you can pay in one of the following ways:
1. You can go on line and set up a Standing Order to pay monthly or annually;
2. You can go on line and make a bank transfer (BACS) monthly or annually;
3. By completing the Standing Order mandate on the application form;
4. By cheque made out to the Whitchurch Heritage Fund monthly or annually

Please indicate your preferred payment method in the space provided on the application
form. Whichever method you choose, I shall need the form back in order to register you
as a member and allocate a number or numbers.


We plan to run the ‘100 Club’ initially for 3 years but this could be extended.

Prizes will be allocated on a percentage basis. First prize will be 25% of the total income
for the month, second prize 15% and third prize 5%. With a membership of 100 the
amounts awarded in prizes would be:
First prize: £125
Second prize: £ 75
Third prize: £ 25

If you have any queries, please contact me - 01256 893437

Yours sincerely,
John Mariner
All Hallows 100 Club


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