Our Charities


PCC have voted on what charities to support this year.  Each charity has a sponsor who will endeavour to keep the congregation informed of any news throughout the year.


International - Mityana - Rhiannon Love

National - CMS for the work of Chris and Anna Hembury - Dorrie Bilson 

Local - Whitchurch Youth Project-  Tim Fisher

How we choose


The PCC agreed the following proposal on 21 st September 2021 as a way to choose which charities to support.

As a PCC, we commit to supporting three charities each year,

one working locally,
one working elsewhere in the UK (national) and

one working elsewhere in the world (international).

To be considered for support, the charity would need to be nominated by at least 2 members of the congregation, at least one of whom would agree to be the ‘sponsor’ for the charity and would be responsible for communicating their work to the congregation.


To be considered for support, the work of the charity would also need to contribute to one or more of the Five Marks of Mission, as agreed by the Anglican Communion:


The mission of the Church is the mission of Christ
1.      To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
2.      To teach, baptise and nurture new believers
3.      To respond to human need by loving service
4.      To transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation
5.      To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

We commit to supporting each charity for a period of three years, and (unless in exceptional circumstances) will not ‘roll over’ a charity after the three years are up.

Each year PCC will invite nominations for one new charity to fill a slot in one of the categories (local, national, international).

This year (2021), in order to get the system started, the PCC need to agree three charities, one of which we will support for 3 years, one for 2 years and one for 1 year. After that it can roll round and we only need to agree one new charity per year.

Earlier in the summer the PCC had the privilege of meeting on zoom with Chris and Anna Hembury of CMS who work in Hull and made the decision to support their work as our national charity. This will be for 3 years from this year.



Our link is with Mityana Projects Trust which is based within our Deanery. All our primary schools are linked with schools in Uganda, and over 50 people from our villages and communities in the Deanery have visited Mityana. 

Their Mission Statement and visits reflect:

  • involvement in educational projects in rural primary schools

  • investing in small income generating projects.

  • supporting vocation centres

  • offering support to the Mityana diocese

See the thankyou letter​

Previous years


The following 3 charities received some money in December 2020 and attached are the links to the thank you letters we have received from them.  

Andover Food Bank

The Andover foodbank was started in March 2006 to provide emergency food boxes to people in crisis in and around Andover.  They operate from a warehouse and office in Alexandra Road.  They employ two part time managers and have more than 60 volunteers.

They are a community based project using resources within the local community to support those in need.  In addition to the distribution of food and other items they offer support to help people address the underlying issues behind their crisis.

See the thankyou letter​


Church Mission Society (CMS)

Our gift goes towards the work of Chris and Anna Hembury who live in an area of Hull where people are known for their no-nonsense attitude and honest vulnerability, an area suffering from high unemployment, child poverty, addiction, mental and physical health problems, prostitution and increasing racial tension. People feel a crippling lack of self-worth. But it’s an area full of buried treasure, untapped potential and dormant creativity.

They support a group who are living in a CMS house for mission and serving their local community. They help look after a community garden and a sort of drop in/sofa-church in their neighbourhood. They help run Orts, a sewing collective where women from all walks of life can support each other, learn and create together. They work alongside the Hull Youth for Christ (YFC) team, supporting children, young people and families.

See the thankyou letter​

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