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St. James' is temporarily not open with services taking place in the open air or by youtube recording. Click here for details of services.

St James the Less is set in the hamlet of Litchfield, some four miles north of Whitchurch.


There has been a church on this site since the 12th Century. Parts of the present church are Norman, Transitional, 16th Century with restoration in 1874. The wooden screen is dated 1655 and the north aisle and the south porch were added in 1875. The lychgate was built in 1962.

There was a time when the A34 ran through the village and past the church. Now, however, the church is in a peaceful cul-de-sac.

Pet Service 2020

Covid gave us the opportunity to do things we don't normally do!


Our pet service this year (it will happen again!) was outside the clubroom. Animals ranged from a gerbil to a horse with lots of dogs in the middle. 

The weather was kind to us and the animals all got on - not a bark was heard!

God and his creation was praised and it was good to be as together as social distancing allowed.

For more pictures go to our A Church Near You page by clicking here.

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