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There will not be a Zoom service on Sunday 13 June

Virtual Services 


All Hallows

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St James

Note: The St James the Less , Litchfield, Matins services are Youtube recordings. Please click here.

On 25 July the service will be held in St James, Woodcott.

All Hallows 1030 Services


Seating in All Hallows will be on a first come basis as is normal for Sunday worship. All the pews, however, will be marked as to the number of people that can sit in the pew and be ‘socially distanced’. Family bubbles may occupy a whole pew irrespective of numbers. 

There will be no need to ‘book-in, as the Sides people will be taking names as you enter the Church and suggest where you can sit. You will be still required to wear a face mask and sanitise when entering the Church.



I have marked socially distanced standing places outside the Church, which I would be grateful if you could use when entering the Church. The porch was a bit of a bottleneck last Sunday with worshippers sanitising and signing in.

After the Service I’d be grateful if you could stay in your pews until asked to leave by the Sides people. Apart from the main door you may also exit via the Bell/Church Rooms door. Please do not congregate after the Service blocking exits - though there is absolutely no reason why you should not chat with friends in the Church yard - socially distanced of course! The Church will have been sanitised on Saturday evening.


Allan Vaughan

Church Warden