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Afternoon 4pm outside in the church yard or church rooms if raining - we invite anyone from the community or church to join us and play music and sing with some Pimms on the side... maybe some strawberries and cream as well…  hopefully we will have good weather this year!

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Pet Service All Hallows 10:30am

Choir CD        

CD's for sale

We are pleased to offer a CD of our choir, priced at £10.

Please contact us if you would like a copy.

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Christmas CD    


Christmas from All Hallows - is now available on CD!  Taken from the recordings of the last decade of Carols by Candlelight services, this compilation features the best of the choir carols and firm congregation favourites.  Available for £6 and raising funds for the chancel lighting project.

Please contact us if you would like a copy.

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Recent events you would have loved      

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All Hallows Church

Jackie Oates Trio

Jackie Oates, hailed as one of the finest British folk singers of her generation, is known for her exquisite interpretations of traditional song. She’ll be closing our festival on the All Hallows Stage with her trio, demonstrating why she has become one of the folk scene’s central figures.

Venue: All Hallows Church
Time: 9:10pm

Magpie Lane

Magpie Lane, an Oxford-based five-piece folk band, excels in traditional English songs and dance tunes. With a history spanning over 25 years and 10 acclaimed albums, their dynamic blend of potent vocals and lively tunes, performed on acoustic instruments, has captivated audiences, earning high praise for their authentic English folk offerings.

Venue: All Hallows Church
Time: 8:05pm


James Delarre & Saul Rose

James and Saul, with their classic fiddle and box combination, have long been musical companions, skillfully interweaving their talents. Their new album, Kith and Kin, is a curated compilation of their cherished tunes and songs, honed and loved in their live performances over the years, showcasing the duo’s evolving journey and enduring bond through music.

Venue: All Hallows Church
Time: 7:00pm

Benji Kirkpatrick

An acclaimed member of Bellowhead and Faustus and celebrated for his mastery of the guitar, bouzouki, and mandolin, Benji is well-known here in Whitchurch. His innovative arrangements and spirited performances are a testament to his significant role in shaping contemporary folk music. He’ll be with us for a solo performance, incorporating songs from his new album, In Phase.

Venue: All Hallows Church
Time: 3:10pm


Known for blending experimentation, humor, and risk, Coracle’s performances are never the same. Featuring Anna Tam’s captivating voice, a fusion of clarinets, accordion, cello, nyckelharpa, viola da gamba, and hurdy-gurdy, they offer an exhilarating journey through British folk, with elements of contemporary classical and early music.

Venue: All Hallows Church
Time: 2:05pm

Miranda Rutter & Rob Harbron

Miranda Rutter and Rob Harbron have created Bird Tunes, a suite of folk tunes inspired by birdsong. Crafted from birdsong fragments recorded during woodland walks, this suite is a homage to birdsong’s beauty and a poignant reminder of the challenges migrating birds face.

Venue: All Hallows Church
Time: 1:00pm

Crib & Christingle Service - 24 December 2023

Click here

for more information

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Carols by Candlelight - 17 December 2023

Christmas Tree Festival - 8-10 December

Whitchurch's got Talent - Saturday 18 November

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Crib & Christingle Service



An interactive fun service, we will tell the nativity story and make a Christingle.

Come dressed up as a shepherd, angel, wise men, or sheep

or any character you fancy! Our collection will go to the Children's Society.

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Whitchurch Parish Summer Fete 

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Whitchurch Folk Club is very proud to present an afternoon and evening of folk tunes, sessions, dance and song, featuring many of the wonderful, world-class performers and friends that Paul Sartin brought to the club in the years since its relaunch in 2017.

At the request of Paul's sons, the money raised will go towards the launch of a folk festival in Paul's name, here in Whitchurch. Join us throughout the afternoon and evening on October 22nd.

Evening concert

The tickets you are purchasing now are for the evening concert, featuring some of Paul's friends and favourite performers playing songs and tunes throughout the evening. This will run between 7pm and 11pm. Doors to this event will open at 6pm. A bar will available at the venue. Please bring a cushion for your bottom, and make sure you have a sweater or cardigan, as the church may be a little chilly in the autumn evening air. 

Afternoon events

Afternoon events, including Morris dancing, choir performances, local musicians, a Morris dance workshop and a singing workshop are not ticketed. A donation can be paid on the door at your discretion. The afternoon events will run between 1pm and 5pm, with a bar, coffee and cakes on sale. A book for condolences will be open during this period in the church. 

Ticket prices

We have tiered the ticket prices so that you can pay what you feel comfortable paying. There will be further donation buckets at the venue if you feel you'd like to contribute more later. 

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