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Building a Sacred Community

Prayer Triplets - Many prayer triplets are still meeting using telephone, email, zoom, or even sitting outside at a suitable distance. If you are interested in joining a triplet please contact Catherine Geddes for more information.

Friday Prayer for Young People - Although it may not be possible for us all to meet at All Hallows each week as usual, we will continue to pray for our young people. Do please join in by praying for those you know. Some of us are in the habit of praying at 2pm on Fridays, but if that time does not suit you, then do pray whenever you can.


Contemplative Prayer & Julian Meeting - First Sunday of every month. Our monthly contemplative prayer meeting currently takes place via Zoom conferencing. Contemplative prayer can be described as: "Waiting upon God; listening for God; opening ourselves to God; responding to the invitation to meet God in silent awareness. The prayer of the heart. In contemplative prayer we seek to be aware of the presence of God and to remain silently and attentively in that presence, completely open to God." Our meetings take about forty minutes, thirty of which are spent sitting together in silence. In normal times we sit by the font, at the moment we sit together using Zoom. It may seem like a strange notion to join a Zoom meeting just to sit in silence but experience has shown that it works as an act of collective prayer. We see the others in the meeting and we know that we are together in God's presence. You would be welcome to join us, the details of the Zoom meeting are below. If you would like to ask any questions about what we do and why we do it then please email me at

Join Zoom Meeting here.

Meeting ID: 819 9042 8250
Password: 231249

Virtual Compassion Tree - The physical compassion tree is not accessible at the moment, but there is a virtual version below. Do use it as you take some time to think, meditate or pray. 

Requests - If you would like to add a prayer to the tree, please send your words to  and your prayer will be added. Please do feel free to read the prayers left by others, and pray for them also. 

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