COVID update

15 July 2021




Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 5th and 12th July we have reviewed the Covid restrictions currently in place in the Benefices’ Churches. From the 19th July the following advisory guidelines will be in place:


Social Distancing.

There will no longer be a requirement for social distancing so most of the limitations on seating in pews will be removed. The choir will be able to increase its numbers as there no longer will be a restriction on only 6 choristers. We will, however, maintain the pews immediately to the right of the entrance for those that wish to maintain the advisory social distancing.


Face Masks. As the Church is well ventilated it will no longer be necessary to wear a face mask unless it is a personal decision to do so.



There will be no requirement to sanitise the Church or ask individuals to sanitise on entry and departure. However, a stand with sanitisation liquid will still be available for those that wish to sanitise before coming into the Church.



Singing will be permissible again.


The Peace.

Individuals will be left to their own preferences as to how they wish to celebrate The Peace, all we ask is that peoples’ preferences are respected.


Track and Trace. Whilst there is no legal requirement to maintain a Track and Trace register, we think it is prudent to do so given the current increase of the Delta variant.  People attending Church can either provide personal details into the Track and Trace register, or log into the NHS QR Code.


Exiting the Church.

There will be no control of exiting the Church so people can now mingle legally outside the Church.


Service Procedures.

We await guidance from the CofE on Holy Communion procedures. The priest will announce how communion will be taken at the beginning of the Service.


Zoom Services.

Zoom Services will continue in their present format for the foreseeable future.


Though the above are guidelines given the lifting of legal requirements, we need to remember that the situation regarding restrictions can change very quickly.


It would be also useful to know from those who have pre-Covid attended Church regularly, what conditions would they need to be confident in attending Church Services in the future.


If you have a view please email Allan Vaughan on